Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Talents & Autism

Do people with autism have super talents? When you talk to people about autism, do they ask if you or your loved one has a special gift? What talent do you possess?

Everyone of us has unique talents. I feel like I have a unique talent, I don't share this with people because I think it's kind of weird to think of it as a talent, but as I have watched my son I realize talents come in all shapes and sizes. My talent is the desire to have friends around often and to enjoy having them in my home. I realized this was a talent when I observed that most people don't like this, and then it occurred to me that a talent can be an ability that you possess that is not common in others. It's all about finding what is unique about you and then accepting it as a talent.

My son Hagen, is on the autism spectrum. He is a wonderful little boy with unique talents. This summer has been a joy to find a new talent of his. He can swim!!! (with a life vest, only because I make him). You are probably thinking to yourself "That is not unique, most people can swim". Here is the uncommon part, he is two years old, he can hold his breath longer than most kids, he can freestyle and breast stroke (all self taught). He can roll on his back when he is tired and he loves to be thrown high in the air and dropped in the pool. Here is a short video to demonstrate.

My son does have a super talent. Is he better than someone else? No, just enhanced by his unique outlook and feel to life. Our own individual journeys make us who we are. Each one of us has the ability to have super talents. I just think for my son, and maybe for others on the autism spectrum, it's easier to reach SUPER status. What do you think? What talent do you have? What talent does your child have? How have you found this talent? What do you do to make it super? Do you have a video you would like to share?

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